Farm Products

Wagyu Beef

At Spring-Rock Farm, we offer extreme quality…only the finest, beyond prime 100% Full Blood Wagyu beef, marketed under our premier USDA approved label 100% Full Blood Vermont Wagyu. Naturally raised, no hormones or steroids, and on a primarily grass fed diet throughout with a grain finish.


Spring-Rock Farm wagyu embryo products are some of the best genetically engineered in the country. Using semen from both our Spring-Rock bulls along with foundation bulls, we strive to produce a new generation of outstanding Full Blood Wagyu calves which exceed the performance of the previous generation.
We offer a vast variety of matings and can customize to a mating of your choice.

Sires & Semen

Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu sires...

Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu semen is produced from carefully selected bulls with only the best genetic make-up and advantages. Semen straws start at $25, for domestic use only.

Contact us at for a complete list and current prices.

Cows & Heifers

We offer 100% Registered Full Blood Wagyu bred cows and heifers for sale. Call for the latest!

Looking to Build a New Herd of Wagyu?
Improving our breed stock from generation to generation, we aim to better the growth, marbling, and milk traits within our herd. Tap into our knowledge base and give us a call. We look forward to helping you along the way.

Heifer Hoarding: Def. An unwillingness to part with one's heifers, especially the fastest growing heifer in the history of Spring-Rock Farm.