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"America's Wagyu Trail, A Definitive Guide to the Breed", published by J. Robert Britton

Vermont Wagyu on!
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Here's The Beef

Vermont Farm Raising Japanese Wagyu Cattle
by Nicole S. Colson
Published 2/4/12 in The Keene Sentinel

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. — In Japan, a rare breed of cattle is considered a national treasure. Here, among the rolling hills of Vermont, a local farm owner is hoping to elevate her herd to the same status.

100% Wagyu - NO Bull

About a farm in VT that raises 100% Wagyu Beef...the right way
Posted by Pavlov on The Daily Meal, 3/4/12

The following is a revised edition of my original posting with a bit added to the front about "Certified Angus Beef"... I wanted to keep the original story strictly on Wagyu and what Dr. Patinkin was doing at her farm, but I wanted to shed light on the differences between truly high grade beef, and a bunch of high grade bull!

The Wow of Wagyu

by Susan Z. Ritz
Published Spring 2012 in Vermont's Local Banquet

On an early January morning in Springfield, the snow-covered pastures of Spring-Rock Farm sparkle in the sun and a small herd of cattle dot the fields like black velvet buttons. From a distance, it’s hard to tell that these animals are anything out of the ordinary.

Raising the Steaks

Where's the Wagyu Beef? Closer than you think
by Alice Levitt ~ Published 7/6/10 on Seven Days

To most of us, a steak is just a steak. To Dr. Sheila Patinkin, it’s a genetic experiment, a sociological study and, most importantly, a tasty commodity.