Dr. Sheila Patinkin, M.D.


The owner and visionary behind Spring-Rock Farm tells the story of how a pediatrician from Chicago became an artisan beef cattle farmer in Vermont.

Sheila earned a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1975, and began her career as a market researcher for Quaker Oats, before graduating from Northwestern University Medical School in 1996. This background, though nontraditional for the cattle farming community, serves her well as the driving force behind Spring Rock Farm.

“My research background has all been in the field of genetics. The passion for that subject and the pediatrician in me drew me to these baby cows. It’s certainly why I am making it a priority at Spring-Rock Farm to breed good parenting skills into our mamas. First, these skills are a sign of a strong genetic foundation, but good mamas also play an important role in the herd’s healthy, long-term relationship with the environment."