This bull has been sold from our herd, with retained genetics. We thank "Virginia Wagyu" for their confidence in our breeding program. W Z03 is a grandson of both Shigeshigetani and Itozuru Doi. Expect good growth and marbling from this bull. He has been one of the "founding fathers" of our herd, and is descended from a great Tajima sire, Monjirou, whose Japanese offspring have been winners at the Zenkoku carcass competition.

Meat photo from VT Y18. Z03 and Y18 are fraternal siblings.

FB15343 VT Shigeshigezuru (Z03)
Wagyu Lineages: 

Tajima: 61% ~ Kedaka: 19% ~ Shimane: 20%



Genetic Notes: 
VT 203 is free by pedigree or testing of all known genetic syndromes.