Sired by Shigeshigetani, VT Shigefujiko's pedigree is royal. He is a great grandson of Fujiko, one of the most famous wasru founding herd dams in the USA. His dam, VT W06, has been our top reproductive flush cow at Spring-Rock Farm. He is a well balanced large bull with Takazakura and Itomichi 1/2 on the dam's side. He will do well for both a percentage herd looking for marbling and temperament as well as for building a full blood wagyu herd desiring milk and growth traits.

Meat photo from VT Y17. Y10 and Y17 are maternal siblings.

FB13675 VT Shigefujiko (Y10)
Wagyu Lineages: 

Tajima: 65% ~ Kedaka: 15% ~ Shimane: 20%



Genetic Notes: 
Free by pedigree or testing of known genetic syndromes