VT Ms Takakiku 1K

B09's stellar growth rate (WDA) at 1 year exceeded her herd group by over 25%. Not only is she #1 in her herd group but her growth at 1 year exceeds all Spring-Rock heifers...ever. Her sire, BR Takazakura 1K, was in Jerry Reeve's words, "one of the top Bar R marbling sires in his battery". Her dam, VT W02, has been one of our top two productive females at Spring-Rock with an average of 14 embryos per flush, along with highly marbled offspring. VT B09 is 75% Tajima with World K's Takazakura and TF Terutani as grand sires. She is open but ready to be bred with a semen choice provided by the buyer.

Meat photo from VT Y18. B09 and Y18 are maternal siblings.

FB19729 VT Ms Takakiku 1K (B09)
Wagyu Lineages: 

Tajima: 75% ~ Kedaka: 9% ~ Shimane: 16%

SCD Test: 


Genetic Notes: 
VT B09 is free by pedigree or testing of known genetic syndromes