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Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu sires...

Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu semen is produced from carefully selected bulls with only the best genetic make-up and advantages. Semen straws start at $25, for domestic use only.

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Saturn FB16358 VT Takateru 1K (A04)


Neptune FB16623 VT Itoshigeyasu (A07)


Cupid FB16620 VT Shigetanitenza (A03)


George FB13675 VT Shigefujiko (Y10)


Batman FB15343 VT Shigeshigezuru (Z03)


Jeronimo FB15345 VT Yasuhani (Z13)

$25/Straw - Bull is for sale

Gabriel FB11930 VT Yasuzuru Doi (X07)


Eli FB11925 VT Yasuzuru (X02)