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All of our good Mama’s

All of our good Mama’s

We now have four calves nursing from all three mamas. Usually a cow will let only her own calf suck from her, so how did we make this happen? Hard work from a hard working team. First there was Barbara, the calf. Because her mother was critically ill, she stole milk from the other moms, and learned to drink from a supplemental bottle. Smart girl. Then, the twins came along, their first time mom had nowhere near enough milk for the two of them. And, they refused to take a bottle. So then we brought in Luna, a Hereford mom, who had plenty of milk and a brand new calf. We convinced her to let the twins suck off of her, as long as we gave her plenty of grain. A good mama. Now Luna walks around as a wet nurse with all four calves sucking from her, two at a time. All the mamas are sharing and all the calves are thriving. Great things happen at Spring-Rock Farm.


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