VT Fukutsuru 068 C13

VT Fukutsuru 068 C13 is a rare son of foundation bull, Fukutsuru 068, a carrier of F11 Deficiency. However, his son, VT Fukutsuru, is free of either genes carrying the F11 Deficiency defect. The sire, 068, is a high Tajima bull, hailing from both Yasumi Doi and Kikunuru Doi. The dam’s pedigree adds in Sanjirou and Shigeshigetani. The combined Tajima percentage is 83% for this Vermont bull. VT Fukutsuru 068 C13 has had stellar growth, reaching nearly 1000 lbs by one year of age. We have seen highly marbled carcasses from the dam’s side, and we are expecting blockbuster tenderness, marbling and size from the carcasses of this up and coming Tajima bull at Spring-Rock Farm.

  • VTY19, maternally related to VTC13
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