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Skirt Steaks, Sliders, Short Ribs, Sausage and Seasonings.

Vermont Wagyu has put together a meat lover's paradise including:

  • Two 1-lb pkgs of Ground Beef sliders including four 5.3-oz patties per pkg
  • Two small Skirt Steaks, avg 1-lb each
  • Two Short Ribs (English Style), avg 1-lb each
  • One 1-lb pkg of Smoked Chorizo, a pre-cooked spicy blend of Vermont Wagyu Beef Sausage 
  • One 1-lb pkg of Smoked Kielbasa, a pre-cooked party favorite made from Vermont Wagyu Beef Sausage
  • One 1.5 lb pkg of Project Smoke, a 3-piece gift pack of BBQ rubs/seasonings by BBQ king, Steven Raichlen