Savory Sausage & Ground Gift Box


The Perfect Gift!

Send your favorite family , friend or business relationship a special package of Vermont Wagyu ground beef and an assortment of our delicious sausages. 

Discount Code: If you are considering multiple orders, email the Farm at Farm@vermontwagyu.com for a special discount code. 

What's Included:

  • Ground Beef: 4 packages (1 lb each) of 100% Wagyu ground beef. Perfect for burgers, pasta sauce, meatballs, and more!
  • Chorizo Sausage: 2 packages (1 lb) of 4 100% Wagyu chorizo sausages wrapped in hog casings. Pre-cooked and smoked, 100% Wagyu wrapped in hog casings with just the right blend of peppery spice
  • Maple Sausage: 1 pack (1 lb) of 4 100% Wagyu wrapped in hog casings and infused with 100% Vermont maple syrup, a true local favorite
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
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This gift package is full of unique products, direct from Vermont to a happy recipient's doorstep!