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Wagyu Subscription Box


100% Wagyu on a Quarterly Basis

Love our delicious 100% Wagyu and prefer not to worry about re-ordering? Want to get a variety of cuts perfect for each season and try some lesser-known cuts that might become new favorites? Looking for a stellar gift? One that keeps on giving -- quarterly. Look no further than our Vermont Wagyu subscription box!

Each quarter we will send a box filled with a rotating selection of delicious 100% Wagyu, including seasonal favorites and products from our favorite local producers. By sampling quarterly, you’ll be experiencing our meat in the broadest and most holistic manner.

No Discount Code Needed: All of our subscription boxes come with a built-in discount to retail, allowing you or your gift recipient to receive the best quality at a great price. 

What's Included:

  • 100% Wagyu Beef. Each box will have 1-3 cuts (steaks, roasts, etc.) and several pounds of burger and sausage, each based on our professional preferences for that season. 
  • Guest Product(s). The Herd has provided incredible feedback on how much folks enjoy our favorite local cheeses, spreads and more. We will continue to bring you the best-of-the-best from local producers to make your subscription box experience even more memorable.

For example, the January Box will include (see image 2): 

  • 1 Coulotte
  • 2 packages of Maple Sausage
  • 2 English Ribs
  • Plus, an additional local product, but we are keeping our January addition a secret for now so you'll just have to join to find out.


1. When Will Boxes be Shipped? Subscription boxes will be delivered and payments processed in the first month of each quarter: January (Q1), April (Q2), July (Q3), & October (Q4).

2. When do I Pay? Subscription boxes are charged quarterly, prior to delivery, so don't worry about having to pay all upfront. 

3. Can I Cancel my Subscription? Of course. We think you'll stay forever, and don't forget to visit us in Vermont for a Farm tour, but if you would like to cancel at any time prior to the next subscription box is sent and payment processed we will be happy to work with you. 

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