VT F63 FB36114

VT Ms Yasusuzukura F63 6-24-18  Tajima %: 61  SCD/Tend: P

VT 63 boasts a strong Tajima lineage descending from Monjiro, Sanjirou, Yasufuku Jr, Shigeshigenami, and Kitateruyasu Doi. Despite the high Tajima lineage, she has maintained an impressive 1.9 WDA, with a projected 1-year weight of 670 lbs.
Her sire, VT B18, out of Haruki II, is a well-balanced growth and marbling contributor to her stature. And her dam, VT Z14, is an Itoshigenami 148 granddaughter, already producing strongly marbled progeny carcasses.

Pedigree  Certificate

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