VTF06 FB35142

VT Ms Hirakimo CC4821  3-25-18  Tajima %: 45    SCD/Tend: P  

VTF06 is a granddaughter of foundation sire, Hirashigetayasu, known for his size and milk attributes to herd females.  She  has a very well balanced pedigree studded with other foundation sires including TF Itomichi 1/2, World K’s Takazakura and TF Kinto.  She is solid and will only enhance a herd looking for stocky, well-bred females and will cross well with high marbled Tajima sires, seeking size for a balance.

She stands well above 600 lbs. with her first birthday and has gained at a rate of 1.7 lbs. per day.   She will be ready to breed or flush by early summer.

Pedigree  Certificate

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