VT F31 FB36385

VT Ms Nakaharu F31   5-23-18  Tajima %: 57    SCD/Tend: P

VT F31 has Sanjiro on the top and the bottom which spells out marbling. Add to that, you have Bar R’s bull, Nakagishiro 56T.  This Bar R bull has pushed our herd stats ahead in terms of growth, and this heifer is an example of that.

The Sire is our herd bull, VTB18, another growth bull out of Haruki II, who has earned his place among our sires based on his size contributions to his progeny, and the early marbling data that we are collecting from his siblings.

The real strength in this pedigree is the unprecedented marbling from the grand dam, VT W04.   This TF Terutani 40 cow, combined with her three sisters, now have on record a growing number of exceptionally marbled carcasses, all approaching the 10-11 Marble Score range, qualitatively.

VTF31 has an excellent stature, weighing 622 lbs. at 10 months.  With an above average Tajima percentage and superb size, we anticipate a strong future for this female.

Pedigree  Certificate

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