Wagyu Breeding & Genetics

Cows & Bulls

Cows & Bulls

100% Registered Full Blood Wagyu bred cows and heifers for sale

Embryos & Semen

Embryos & Semen

Spring-Rock Farm embryo and semen products come from a strong line of 100% Japanese Wagyu stock.

Farm to Table

Wagyu Beef

Spring-Rock Farm ties together a dynamic combination of expertise in genetic science, top quality animal care and the wholesome terroir of Vermont grasses to provide some of the highest quality beef in the world.

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100% Wagyu – NO Bull

About a farm in VT that raises 100% Wagyu Beef…the right way Posted by Pavlov on The Daily Meal, 3/4/12 The following is a revised edition of my original posting with a bit added to the front about “Certified Angus Beef”… I wanted to keep the original story strictly on Wagyu and what Dr. Patinkin was […]

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