Quince Chutney (9 OZs)

Vermont Quince's award-winning Quince-Ginger-Lime Chutney is a true fan favorite.

Feature as a side on a cheese board or add to a meat dish for standout flavor. It's no secret that we add it to our 100% Wagyu burgers, sausages and our favorite sandwiches.

We can't keep this chutney on our personal shelves, so we figured it was time to share it with the Herd!

Materials: Quince, Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Ginger, Currants, Lime Juice, Curry Powder

Vermont Quince

Vermont Quince is our favorite Quince farmer, an ancient and amazing pome fruit similar to a pear, and the producer of the most delicious condiments and preserves including their mustard, marmelada and chutney. Historically consider the ancient fruit of happiness, good fortune & love, these quince based products are absolutely superb!