Super (Bowl) Steak Special - Save 10%

$193 $215

$193 (10% OFF) - A steak lover's paradise, this bundle includes 3 of our most popular steaks. Want to go big for halftime, look no further: 

  • 1 New York Strip (Medium), 0.80-0.99 lb, 1.25" thick, serves 1-2
    • Extraordinarily tender, these cuts come from the loin section of the hindquarter and are considered a jewel cut
  • 2 Chuck Eye Steaks (Large), 0.81 to 1+lb, serves 1-2
    • Called Chuck Delmonico, its fantastic for grilling with good marbling
  • 3 Denver Steaks (Small), 0.30 to 0.49 lbs, serves 1
    • This cut has intense marbling and flavor and is great for grilling
  • All product shipped vacuum sealed and frozen
  • Please be mindful that no two cows are alike, and there will be size variations in your steak size
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