Wagyu Steak Box - WSJ+ Exclusive

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This Wagyu Steak box includes some of our most prized cuts, available only to the WSJ+ community at a special 20% discount. 

What's Included:

Two of our 100% Wagyu steaks consisting of:

  • One Ribeye Steak OR Strip Steak, and 
  • One Baseball Steak OR Denver Steak. 

Selection Note: The Farm will select which of each two steaks are included based on availability. Please note that we are a small team and are not able to process specific combination requests. 

More about the possible steaks in this box:

  • Ribeye Steak: Coming from the forequarter, rib primal, this steak is extremely well-marbled and full of flavor (serves 1-2) 
  • Strip Steak: Extraordinarily tender, the strip comes from the hindquarter and is considered a “jewel” cut (serves 1-2)
  • Denver Steak: From the forequarter chuck, this cut has intense marbling and is ideally grilled or seared (serves 1)
  • Baseball Steak: Center cut from the top sirloin, these cuts are lean and deeply flavorful. The name "baseball steak" refers to its rounded shape similar to a baseball (serves 1)
  • Ships in our specialty gift boxes
  • Product is frozen in vacuum-sealed packages
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Direct from our award-winning Vermont farm to a happy recipient's doorstep. Order for yourself or send to your favorite family, friend, or business relationship as the contents are shipped in a gift box.