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Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu semen is produced from carefully selected bulls with only the highest genetic make-up and growth selection factors. Our bull selection team combines the genetic research experience of a physician and a talented “hands on” veterinarian.

  • Starting at $30 per straw for all domestic non CSS shipments
  • CSS semen for domestic, South American and Canadian shipment are available upon request
  • Volume discounts available
  • Contact Us for ordering information

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Spring-Rock Farm Wagyu embryos are some of the best genetically engineered in the country. We strive to produce a new generation of outstanding Full Blood Wagyu calves, exceeding the performance of the previous generation.

  • Offering a vast variety of matings…we can customize to your choice of sire and dam
  • Embryos start at $400 with volume discounts available
  • For domestic use, except where noted for Canada and South America
  • Sexed embryos available through customized orders
  • An embryo program supported with a guarantee
  • All embryo dams and sires are free by pedigree or have tested free for known genetic abnormalities
  • Clickable pedigree information available below

Contact us for more information and ordering, along with full customer support.

The following embryos are currently available.

Cows & Heifers

We offer 100% Registered Full Blood Wagyu bred cows and heifers for sale. Improving our breed stock from generation to generation, we aim to better the growth, marbling, and milk traits within our herd. Please call our office for information about specifics and availability.

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Nursing Twins


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Our Breed Plan

The breeding program at Spring-Rock Farm is our strength, our shining star.

To create a unique beef that your favorite chef can make into a great steak, it takes an initial combination of bovine genes that form 60 chromosomes of a genetically unique animal, plus three years at a farm like ours.

Ladder genetics is defined as “using proven carcass data to seek the best in bulls in each ancestral line, providing higher marbled and tender meat with each generation”. We consider:

  • Herd growth statistics
  • EPDs when available
  • Frame scores
  • Related marbling carcass photos

What is important in our breed plan is to balance the four ancestral lines of Black Wagyu:

  • Tajira/Tajima – known for their marbling
  • Shigenami – known for their larger frame and good nature
  • Tottori/Kedaka – known for their larger frame and good nature
  • Fujiyoshi – known for improved milk and larger frame

We have strict control with inbreeding, using Wright’s Coefficient of Inbreeding as the benchmark. Our interpretation stipulates that every mating is evaluated by three criteria:

  • There should be no common ancestor in the first 4 generations
  • Keep the Wright’s Coefficient of Inbreeding statistic below the national breed average of 5.8% H. Neibergs (pdf).
  • Continue ancestral pedigree analysis past three generations, going back as far as 15 generations when known
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