Summer Grilling Favorites

Backyard BBQ Collection


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Backyard BBQ Must-Have

What's Included

  • Ground Beef: 3 packages (1 lb each) of 100% Wagyu ground beef. Perfect for burgers, pasta sauce, meatballs, and more!
  • Chorizo Sausages: 1 package (1 lb) of 4 100% Wagyu chorizo sausages wrapped in hog casings. Pre-cooked and smoked, 100% Wagyu wrapped in hog casings with just the right blend of peppery spice
  • Maple Sausages: 1 pack (1 lb) of 4 100% Wagyu wrapped in hog casings and infused with 100% Vermont maple syrup, a true local favorite
  • Smoked Kielbasa Sausages: 1 pack (1 lb) of 4 100% Wagyu smoked kielbasa sausages wrapped in hog casings, with a great flavor, mild and juicy
  • Vermont Quince Mustard: 1 jar (9 ounces) of our favorite local mustard from Vermont Quince. This delicious mustard brings zest to even the most ordinary burger, sandwich, sausage or cheese plate. Now imagine how delicious it is on a 100% Wagyu burger or sausage!
  • Our own maple cutting board
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
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