Wagyu Breeding & Genetics

Cows & Bulls

Cows & Bulls

100% Registered Full Blood Wagyu bred cows and heifers for sale

Embryos & Semen

Embryos & Semen

Spring-Rock Farm embryo and semen products come from a strong line of 100% Japanese Wagyu stock.

Farm to Table

Wagyu Beef

Spring-Rock Farm ties together a dynamic combination of expertise in genetic science, top quality animal care and the wholesome terroir of Vermont grasses to provide some of the highest quality beef in the world.

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News & Events

Production Sale

Our first annual Production Sale was a huge success! More details coming.

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Happy Holidays 2017 with some big news for 2018!

Over the years, many of you have inquired about ordering our locally raised Wagyu for personal consumption or to share with friends, Until now, it has been an undertaking a small local farm like ours couldn’t afford. Thats all water under the bridge! We are very excited to announce that we are now in the […]

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Amazing Embryos

I sorted four embryos under my microscope, yesterday. Three were grade one embryos, of the finest quality, and one was a grade two, still viable. We put all four embryos into cows. Incredibly, I hope to greet these soon to be 65 pound calves in nine months’ time.

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All of our good Mama’s

We now have four calves nursing from all three mamas. Usually a cow will let only her own calf suck from her, so how did we make this happen? Hard work from a hard working team. First there was Barbara, the calf. Because her mother was critically ill, she stole milk from the other moms, […]

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