Why do we offer collections from a Forequarter or Hindquarter of each Wagyu?

In the beef world, there are big corporations who use feedlots, and there are small, local farmers, who bring you beef from our pastures to your front door.

When you buy from a farmer, there is more to the story. You are buying from one farm, one family, and one animal. We practice "whole animal processing" and utilize every cut of meat, because that’s how animal husbandry existed before industrial food management took over.

As a result, there is a limit to the number of NY Strips and the Rib Eye steaks we can provide. Which is why we offer our 100% Wagyu beef in various collections, reminiscent of a share of an entire Wagyu. Nothing goes to waste.

Wagyu beef is well suited to “whole animal processing” with its intense marbling elevating the quality of every cut. Have you ever tried a Coulotte, Baseball, Denver, Petite Tender or Bavette Steak? They're fantastic! By creating collections based on location, tenderness, marbling and size, we let you choose your adventure and be a part of the true farm-to-table experience. 

From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy!