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Baseball (Sirloin)


From $ – 30.50 One Baseball Sirloin Steak, Choose Small, Medium, or Large

  • Small, 0.50-0.70 lb, serves 1
  • Medium, 0.71-0.90 lb, serves 1
  • Large, 0.91-1.10 lbs, serves 1-2 This can easily be cut into 2 steaks, best value!
  • Center cut from the top sirloin, these cuts are lean and very flavorful
  • The name "baseball steak" refers to its rounded shape similar to a baseball
  • Lean, tender flavorful cut
  • Easy to grill, broil or cook on cast iron
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
  • Due to the nature of raising pasture-raised cows, exact sizes will vary
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