The Wagyu Forequarter

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100% Full-Blood Wagyu

From the Forequarter, this bundle includes a variety of steaks, as well as a selection of burger and our chorizo sausage, at a 5% savings: 

  • One Flat Iron steak, 0.76-1.25 lbs, approx. 1.5" thick, 1-2 servings
    • Best grilled
  • One Rib Eye steak, Lg. 1.21-1.40 lbs, approx. 1.5" thick, 1-2 servings  
    • Best grilled, Great flavor and marbling
  • 2- Pound of burger, 2-3 servings
    • Grill, or cook for meatballs, tacos, or as a beef sauce
  • 2- Pound of smoked Chorizo, pre-cooked, pkg. of 4 sausages 
    • Great spice/pepper flavor; a farm favorite
    • Grill or griddle 
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
  • Due to the nature of raising pasture-raised cows, exact sizes may vary 
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