Why We Bundle

Why do we bundle and offer you shares from a Forequarter or Hindquarter of a Cow?

In the beef world, there are big corporations who purchase cattle from large feedlots, and there are small, local farmers, who bring you our beef from our pastures right to your front door.

When you buy from a farmer, there is more to the story. You are buying from one farm, one family, and one animal. We utilize every cut of meat, because that’s how animal husbandry existed before industrial food management took over.

As a result, there is a limit to the number of NY Strips and the Rib Eye steaks we can provide. To continue providing you with local, direct from the farm beef, we ask that you join us in harkening back to a more natural time. In our system, we sell beef in various bundled packages, reminiscent of a share of an entire cow. Nothing goes to waste.

Wagyu beef is well suited to “whole animal processing” with its intense forequarter marbling. Even the round of the hindquarter has more marbling than common beef, yielding tender cuts of beef throughout.

We’ve formed shares of a cow, the forequarter vs hindquarter bundles, letting you choose your adventure so that each customer can develop an appreciation of the “whole of the cow”.

Host an elegant dinner party, centered around this beef, or a grilled patio family fest, serving from several cuts, and let your beef become the talk of the dinner.

Yes, we will continue to offer the known steaks, the NY Strip, the Rib Eye and the Tenderloin, but we invite you to enjoy a shared portion of a single cow, from Vermont Wagyu.

From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy your dinner!