Shank Bones (Osso Bucco)

$12.99 $19.99

$19.99–2 lb Package of Shank Bones, packed two bones per package (Osso Bucco, Beef Bone Broth, Slow Cooked Soup)

  • Two lb packages, with two shank bones (each bone weighing approx 1 lb), serves 2
  • From the leg shank bone, steak bones are commonly used for Osso Bucco, healthy beef bone broths, "soups to tend the soul"
  • Avg shank bone weighs 1 lb, with an approx. range of 1.0 to 3.0 lbs per pkg
  • See also our Bundled Shank Bones for Healthy Living
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
  • Due to the nature of raising pasture-raised cows, exact sizes may vary 
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