The Taste of Wagyu


The Great Gift

What a great way to try some different cuts of our 100% Full-Blood Wagyu. Two large baseball sirloins, center cut from the Top Sirloin, these are a lean, tender cut. Two small Denver Chucks, from the forequarter chuck, these steaks have amazing marbling and deep Wagyu flavor. One Bavette (or Flap), this is a thin, versatile steak that is great marinated and sliced thin for fajitas.

This wonderful collection of steaks is accompanied by one of our maple cutting boards from JK Adams located in Dorset, Vermont.

**Some cuts may be substituted due to availability

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What's Included:

  • 2 Medium Baseball Sirloins .70 to .90 lbs, serves 1-2, Full of flavor and easy to grill, broil or cook on cast iron
  • 2 Small Denver Chuck   ..30-.49 lbs, serves 1-2, intense marbling, great on the grill
  • 1 Bavette (Flap) .65-1.50 lbs, serves 1-2, Great for fast cooking methods like grilling or searing
  • 1 Maple Cutting board made for Vermont Wagyu by JK Adams
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages

Gift Packaging:

Mailed in special packaging protected by local wood shavings. This gift package is high end, full of unique products, direct from Vermont to a happy recipient's doorstep