Mom's Favorites - Save 15%

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Mom's (aka Sheila's) Favorites. Small, tender & delicious... her "go to" steaks. 

Perfect for a couple's dinner or a night with friends. 

  • 5 Small Denver Chuck Steaks, 0.0 to 0.49 lb, serves 1
  • 2 Small Tenderloin Steaks, 0.37-0.54 lb, serves 1
  • The Chuck Steak is a lesser-known cut from the forequarter chuck, this cut has intense marbling and flavor
  • The Tenderloin Steak is extraordinarily tender, these cuts come from the loin section of the hindquarter and are considered a jewel cut
  • Both are great for grilling or searing on a skillet
  • Ships frozen in vacuum sealed packages
  • Due to the nature of raising pasture-raised cows, exact sizes will vary
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